Come live out your dreams in beautiful Tuscany!


Enchanting, magical, romantic... these are a few adjectives used to describe the region of Tuscany. While art, food and wine are the nouns that come to mind.   But remember, it's not just the masterpieces, exquisitely fresh culinary delights or award winning vino that awaits you when stepping into one of the world's most magical corners of the globe. For, whether you are planning to visit Tuscan cities, hamlets and towns on a quest to discover the region's hidden treasures, or simply eat your way through the region, you can be sure you will be packing up a suitcase filled with savory memories to bring home.                    

As a native Californian who relocated to Tuscany over thirty years ago, my goal has been to help fellow travellers explore and experience Tuscany.  I love sharing my knowledge of the region and the culinary secrets I have picked up over the years (being a cooking instructor they are many).   So, whether you are planning to visit Tuscany for a week, a month or maybe longer, feel free to contact me.  I strive to get visitors mingling with locals. Come stroll down the quaint cobblestone streets of medieval hilltop towns. Come sip a glass of the region's wine while the sun sets over Tuscany.  Come live out your own Tuscan dream!  I would be happy to help you create it.  



Cindy - your friend in Tuscany

Florence, Italy
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